Stuck in Mediocrity? Facing Performance Challenges??

Your Life is dynamic, feeling stuck, feeling confused, and frustrated can throw you off the race.
I am here to help you navigate your performance challenges and help you achieve excellence.
Let’s do a quick check if Pursuit of Excellence Coaching/ Workshop is for you……
Are you the one who:

  • feels that you are stuck in your job or business and something is stopping you from progressing, while you see your peers and others are able to excel though they are less skilled/ experienced than you?
  • experiencing Mediocrity syndrome.
  • Is afraid of running out of time to perform and grow in career/ business
  • did you ever realize that there is some kind of block within you that prevents you from progressing forward, you find yourself stuck and unable to take action to perform to your true potential & realize your dreams.
  • want to take control and regret - losing career/ business growth opportunities?

Workshops and Webinars

I take workshops for Sales / Operations Professionals, Corporate Organizations, Educational Institutions,  to help them get Clarity about themself and Discover their WHY, unravel their inherent potential.

Duration: 120 minutes

During the Workshop

You will get the tools, perspectives, and insights on how to get the Clarity to achieve performance excellence and grow in your current role/ career/ business.

You’ll also leave with a clear action blueprint on how to lay a strong foundation to build a great career/ business, relationship, health, and gain abundance in all aspects of life.

“ENVISION”: Workshop for Sales/ Sports or Working Professionals

A Self-Exploratory Workshop for Enterprising Adults (25-40Yrs), Contemplating Adults (Midlife/ 40-60Yrs)

“ENVISAGE” - Workshop for Corporates or Organisations

A Self-Exploratory Workshop for Corporate Employees.

“ENLIVEN” - Workshop for Aspiring Youth (15yrs -24yrs)

Explore the inherent Potential Within online/ In person Interactive and Activity Based

“ENCOURAGE” - Workshop for Educational Institutions

A Self-Exploratory Workshop for Faculty/ Parents