Sculptors of my Personality

Hey, I am Abhiesshek Chaturvedi; I was an introverted, shy young boy, average in my studies with lots of self-doubts & limiting beliefs about myself. My mother was my inspiration & guiding force since my birth through my life till her last breath. She was my critic and mentor who encouraged me to go beyond my limitations. My father was my role model, a man of integrity and metal who led a simple life with high self-esteem, unaffected by the numerous challenges in his life. I went to a private school run by a retired army officer, who taught me a sense of discipline & patriotism. 

Alongside academics, I got deeply interested in sports & games. I pursued NCC in my college, participated in numerous state & national level camps, completed my ‘B’ & ‘C’ certifications, and scored first-class from high school through graduation. I developed a deep interest in people. I loved socializing & helping people and participated in numerous social service activities. es

Discerning my Inherent Traits,

Although I envisioned a career becoming a doctor in the Armed Forces, despite sincere efforts couldn’t succeed. Destiny had something else in store for me, and I landed up into the Medical Sales Profession.

Being passionate about impacting lives, I could relate to my job & perform well; I also joined the Lion’s Club & the Indian Red Cross Society. I served 3 of the great organizations (Ranbaxy, Zydus Cadila & Orchid Chemicals), worked relentlessly, learned human health modalities, acquired new skills to excel in my role & grew up the ladder to lead the Zonal Sales team. 

During this phase of life, I also got married & was blessed with two children. I obtained an MBA in Marketing. I realized that my strength was in coaching/ mentoring individuals. I built high-performance sales teams by mentoring non-performing team members and helping them discover their strengths and pursue personal growth. After spending twelve years in the pharmaceuticals industry, I realized extensive travel in this career took a toll on my health and personal life. Hence grabbed the opportunity with a startup named Subhiksha to ideate and build their pharmacy retail business of over a hundred medical stores, grooming and working with a large team of over four hundred people, additionally giving me newer avenues to help thousands of people by creating customer engagement models and outreach programs. 

My Children- Fulcrum of my career shift

As I observed my growing children closely, the challenges in their educational journey inspired me to look at the Edtech industry. After five years in retail, I switched to Educational Initiatives. In a short period of two years, I extensively worked with over three thousand schools across geographies interacting with top educators teachers, making a difference in the lives of millions of students. This journey helped me help my children pursue their passion. 

Re-aligning Carrier with my Passion

Subsequently, I moved into the consumer healthcare space an early startup, Sleep Care Solutions, as their Chief Operating Officer. I built the business PAN India, impacting thousands of lives by educating people about the importance of Proper Sleep and its effect on one’s health. I also pursued an EMBA in Healthcare Management and a Diploma in Healthcare Informatics to upskill myself. I relocated to Mumbai three years later, working for the Healthspring chain of clinics heading their pharmacy business, working closely with doctors and healthcare workers, impacting millions of lives.

Two years later, I moved back to Hyderabad and worked with health tech startups CallHealth heading their pan India Service Delivery & Institutional business & then Happtech, an Apollo Hospitals’ joint venture leading their business development. In the rat race of achieving career goals & delivering business growth to the organizations I was working with, I lost focus on my health. Then I got associated with a wellness startup, Ideal weight solutions, as director of sales operations, impacting the epidemic of obesity in India. I also experienced my transformation, losing fat & regaining control of my health.  

Self-actualization-Turning Point in my Life

Despite having a progressive career, I was not internally aligned & felt something was missing in my life; the sudden demise of my Father further impacted me. I came across Arfeen Khan’s seminar and joined ‘The Incredible You’ program to experience my transformation. I found answers to my internal conflicts and pursued the coach training program.

Along with my coach training, I also took up an assignment with 1MG as a project lead for their Care Hospitals project managing digital prescription implementation, diagnostics & drugs at the home business during the pandemic impacting people’s lives. My stint with 1MG validated that I’m passionate about making a difference in the lives of people and I need to pursue it long-term.

A Vision to Invigorating Lives

After completing my Coach certification with Arfeen Khan and pursuing part-time coaching for a few months, I finally decided to switch over to pursue my passion for helping people and transforming their lives. I quit my job, realigned my outcomes, & made a conscious decision to become a full-time Mindset Coach working with people & impacting their lives. I joined Arfeen Khan’s team as an Apprentice to invigorate many more lives, participated in events, conducted mastermind sessions & pursued Speaker Certification. I also authored my first book, “It’s never too late.”, “Health is your true wealth.”.

Journey as Personal Excellence Coach

But now, the challenge for career progression was to find my niche and reach the right audience. The market survey revealed that though people aspire to excel in their lives, they find it difficult to transcend beyond their limiting beliefs; hence they settle for mediocrity.

On the other hand, with deep introspection, it was evident that I realized my personal growth through my pursuit of personal excellence in academics, NCC, sports, or career. My career’s success mantra was, coaching/ mentoring team members to pursue excellence to grow in their lives. Thus I decided to evolve as a Personal Excellence Coach & Business Mentor for startups. 

Research revealed a broader scope of impacting people’s lives. Thus I decided to blend my rich practical experience of nearly three decades with my learnings and concepts of mindset coaching and design customized programs for individuals, organizations, and institutions. My expertise is working with professionals & organizations from the healthcare industry and emphasizing campus to corporate abridgment programs to help the aspiring youth.

Whenever you need ….....……. I’m with you.

Walk your path to pursue excellence, and you do not have to do it alone.

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