Educational Institutions

Offerings: Workshops & Coaching Programs


Aspiring Youth (15yrs -24yrs)/ Students are constantly faced with pressures to excel – from all avenues. Parents, Teachers, and relatives create an environment of high expectations to succeed.

Grades have become the focal point of students’ lives and as a consequence, being serious is valued over being playful, joyful, and celebratory. Excelling in grades is valued over the understanding of the subject to get a fancy degree, or earn good money. But being successful is part of life, not life itself. Being serious is equated with success, and this is a big misconception. Success stems from a natural blossoming of the individual not forced sprouting of the seed through pressure and competition.

Through my customized offerings I offer the following benefits: Choose a career according to their inherent passion. Enabling them to set goals and learn to manifest them Build Confidence in them – No more fear of studies. Students are better equipped to deal with peer pressure, social media pressure, and other teenage issues. Challenge is for the self- not with others Experiencing joy and happiness is key to success.

Campus to Corporate Abridgement Workshops:

(Mindset, Life Skills and industry Readiness)


All Aspiring Youth (15yrs -24yrs): Students

I conduct customised campus to corporate abridgement workshops which offer carefully crafted learning programs specially designed for College students to equip them with Mindset & Life skills that are not a part of academic curriculum. These will help required to pursue excellence in their studies, campus placements, career/ business & all spheres of life by maintaining the right work life balance.


Outcomes will be aligned to the Topic/s opted based on the specific requirement of the college.

DURATION: Customised as per requirements

FORMAT: In live virtual sessions or on-site.



Every Stakeholder of Educational Institutions: Faculty members, Parents / Guardians.


DURATION: 6 hours in live virtual sessions or 1-day on-site

FORMAT: In live virtual sessions or on-site.

Coaching Program


Institutions that consistently focus on empowering  their faculty members to pursue excellence are able to successfully engage their students in learning, experimenting, and achieving their full inherent potential. To create a culture of teaching excellence, you have to start with a collective mindset for excellence, followed by exceptional teaching skills. No amount of skills training will make the difference you are looking for without the right Mindset. My Empowering teaching Excellence program guarantees the sustained teaching excellence results you want aspire as an institution.


This program is specifically designed for both new and experienced faculty members who are required to deliver  ‘Unique Learning Experience’ for your students.


DURATION: ~ 30 hours  (customized offering)

FORMAT: In live virtual sessions or on-site