COACHING: “Pursuit of Excellence (POE)” - For Sales Professionals, Sportsmen & Enterprising Adults

Level 1 POE - TYRO: Inculcate the Attitude to Excel

This is the program, available only in the group coaching model. It’s a Blueprint where you understand the stepping stones and concepts to transform your life and transcend from Mediocrity to Performance Excellence in just 3 Days. It comes along with loads of Bonus sessions that set up a strong foundation for empowering your life.

Duration: 3 DAY – 2 hrs sessions

Level 2 - POE - DEFT: Build the Commitment to Excel

This is the program in group coaching model and is an Advanced level where you start applying the concepts learned in Performance Excellence Blueprint, take action and set yourself to be a Go-Getter and transform yourself in just 10 weeks. This is also the Level 1 program for 1-on-1 “Mentoring” model with minor changes & few bonuses. 

Duration: 10 weeks 2 hrs in a week

Level 1 - POE - GRIT: adapt Excellence as the way of Life

The program is a 1-on-1 “Only Mentoring” model where you want to accomplish your 2 primary goals in the next 6 months. I provide complete hand-holding to help my clients to achieve excellence in their priority goals that can transform their life.

Duration: 6 Months (1 weekly session of 2 hrs each)