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I am Abhiesshek Chaturvedi, a graduate in life sciences, a postgraduate in Marketing and Health Care Management, and Diploma in Healthcare Informatics. I am a Life Coach certified on an ICF accredited program,  a certified Speaker, and an Author of one Book.

As a Personal Excellence Coach, I conduct customized Workshops, Coaching Programs, and Master Mind Sessions for Individuals/Groups, Organizations, and Educational Institutions to empower them to realize their true Inherent Potential, develop a growth mindset and commitment to Pursue Excellence. 

I work with Enterprising Adults (25-40Yrs), Contemplating Adults (Midlife/ 40-60Yrs), Benevolent Seniors ( > 60 Yrs), with a particular focus on grooming Aspiring Youth (15 – 24 Yrs) to revitalize their Life. My Campuses to Corporates abridgment workshops empower aspiring youth to acquire the mindset and life skills, thus improving Industry Readiness and Employability. I capacitate organizations to achieve Excellence by developing required attitudes and cultures, thus realizing their full potential.

As a Business  Mentor, I empower start-ups through my consultations, ongoing engagement, and other services to achieve a high growth trajectory.

Why Me



Sales & Operations Professional with experience in running organizations with a passion for building high-performance teams. Strong people orientation and belief in coaching / mentoring.



An entrepreneurial bent of mind with Hands-on experience in diverse industries handling multifunctional teams
Pharmaceuticals, Pharmacy Retail, Ed-tech,  Consumer Healthcare, Healthtech, Wellness & Coaching Industry.



I had Served three leading Multi-National Companies  (Ranbaxy, Zydus & Orchid). I experienced eight start-ups 
(Subhiksha, Educational Initiatives, Healthspring,  1MG, to name a few).



I have been coaching individuals as a profession since 2020 as a certified Coach & Apprentice in Arfeen Khan’s team, empowering them to discover their true selves and excel. 



Invigorated lives of team members, clients, and fellow coaches through my on the job training/ mentoring,  coaching sessions, mastermind sessions & events

Mission & Vision


I am on a mission to inspire One Million People Aspire & Achieve Excellence by exploring and realizing their true inherent potential.


My Vision is to Empower People pursue EXCELLENCE in their Lives & Business



When I say I am Resolute, I mean that I am determined to deliver you the GUARANTEED OUTCOME.
If required, I will go the extra mile to help you get these results. I assure you that you can definitely become aware of your inherent potential & can find the path to pursue excellence in your unique way.


I have impacted millions of lives throughout my life by encouraging them to figure out the true meaning of their lives. Once you become aware of your inherent potential, you become unstoppable and pursue excellence to realize it. I empower you to find and define your own personal “Why,” the motivation that fuels your life.


Frankness is an inherent trait that helped me improve my life and made a tremendous impact on the lives of others around me. My Frankness has helped my clients and will surely help you experience the breakthroughs to achieve the best results for pursuing excellence.

Choose Your Path

Customized Offerings: Workshops, Coaching Programs, Keynotes, Master Mind & Consultations

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Target Audience: Anyone from Sales/ Services Professionals, Sportspersons,  Business Leaders, Entrepreneurs/ Soloprenuers, Executives, to  Students
Do you Feel Stuck in Mediocrity? Are You Facing Performance Challenges? Despite all efforts to upskill yourself, do you find it challenging to bridge the gap? 
Life is dynamic. Feeling stuck, confused, and frustrated can throw you off the race.  I empower you to become aware of your inherent potential & help you pursue personal excellence in all walks of Life.


Target Audience: Sales/ Services Organizations, Sports Associations, Institutions, etc.
Is Mediocrity a deterrent in realizing your organizational Goals?
Most of the training and development programs help enhance knowledge & skill sets. Yet you find it challenging to bridge this gap?  
I work on the Mindsets and Mindfulness of your employees/ teams, empowering excellence in your organization.


Target Audience: All stakeholders Students, Faculty & Parents/ Guardians
Is Mediocrity limiting students’ performance, thus impacting their results and Career?
Most of the training and development programs help enhance knowledge and skillsets. Yet do you find it challenging to bridge this gap?
I work on the Mindsets and Mindfulness of your Students, thus empowering excellence in their lives. I empower Faculty and Parents/ Guardians through my awareness sessions.


Target Audience: All SMEs, MSMEs, Entrepreneurs, and Soloprenuers
Are you looking for an experienced business leader who can mentor you on an ongoing basis, and in a manner that can have a direct, positive impact on the growth of your business over time?
With my rich experience of having built start-ups of multiple sizes and scales from ideation to roll-out to consolidation, I help start ups on short term / long term projects or part-time assignments.

Why Choose Us

Work experience advice

Having a professional experience of over 28 years in various sectors with a specialization in Healthcare, Wellness, and allied industries, Mr. Abhishek has gained knowledge about different aspects of the industry. Mr. Abhishek is your man for achieving the top-notch advice to transform your business into a success story.

Client Satisfaction

Mr. Abhishek prioritizes client satisfaction over his business. This is the reason why he has impacted over 1500 lives and business organizations across the country and world through his coaching skills.

Use of the practical and engaging approach

Mr. Abhishek implements the latest practical approaches with the clients. He uses the most interactive and engaging ways to communicate with clients, thus aiding the process of clients’ understanding and gaining their trust.

Expertise in a variety of fields

Mr. Abhishek holds expertise in various fields that range from business analytics and strategies to resource planning, project management, and resource management and diagnostics, giving him an edge over his peers and competitors.

“EXCELLENCE is about being aware & pursuit of realizing one’s full inherent potential and not about just imitating others”

Clients Testimonials

Abhiesshek has made a substantial contribution to my transformational journey. His clarity on the concepts and detail orientation is commendable, which I still use in driving my outcomes. He was always the go-to person for help, direction and guidance. He is sincere in his approach and always lives up to his commitments.
I wish him all the best for all his future endeavours and keep shining always!

Sombit De


Industry Lead -Global Solutions Operations, NielsenIQ

I was experiencing a toxic relationship in my family and was confused & stuck in life. Abhiesshek Sir and others helped me step up, progress to the next level, and make me believe in my worth and know myself better. It was a fantastic experience for me to get the support to reprogram my mind and reorient my life from a poisonous state to a healthy one.
I highly recommend him.

Shreya Ramdeehul


Psychology Student - Open university of Mauritius

Being an undergraduate student, I was perplexed about my future goals in the tough Covid times. Few of my friends faced similar issues, and this is where Mr. Abhiesshek played a vital role in our lives through proper guidance and coaching. I was able to look inwards, identify the limiting fears, & transcend beyond them to stay intense and focused, which empowered me to help my friends.
I highly recommend him as a Mentor



B.Tech Student, S.R.M. University

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